DVLA Auction Fees Calculator

Wondering what that number plate will actually cost at a DVLA auction?

Use our free DVLA Auction Calculators below to calculate the final cost of any number plate sold in a DVLA auction, or work out the highest bid you should place based on your maximum budget.

Calculate the total auction price including fees

What will it cost? Using this calculator, enter a final sale price (hammer price) of a number plate to find out exactly what fees and VAT will be applied on top.

It will reveal the total cost and a breakdown of all added fees.

Enter the price at which the auction is won, referred to as the Hammer Price.

Calculate a maximum bid price based on your budget

What can you afford? Assuming you have a fixed auction budget, this calculator will show you the maximum price you should bid for a number plate.

This will ensure that fees and VAT do not take you over budget.

Enter the maximum price you are willing to spend.

What are the DVLA auction fees?

For every number plate sold in a DVLA auction, there are four additional fees that are added to the sale (hammer) price.

These are:

  • VAT on the hammer price (20%)
  • Buyer’s Premium (7% – although previously 8%)
  • VAT on Buyer’s Premium (20%)
  • £80 Assignment Fee

This means winning a DVLA auction can have significant extra costs that not all potential buyers may be aware of.

Although the DVLA make it abundantly clear what these additional fees are whilst you are bidding on a number plate auction lot, it can be hard to work out what costs you may incur beforehand when budgeting for a number plate.

We’ve built this free calculator to clearly show how much each of these additional fees will cost you, including a grand total number plate cost.

You can then set a suitable bidding budget and be sure that you will not be met with any unexpected costs.

What is the buyer’s premium?

A buyer’s premium is a fee charged by most auction houses for hosting and facilitating an auction. It’s almost always charged as a fixed percentage of the selling price of an item.

All DVLA auctions are run by BCA Ltd, who specialise in vehicle auctions across the country.

What is the assignment fee?

The assignment fee is a fixed £80 cost for all number plates won at auction, no matter the hammer price or final selling price

It is the fee charged by the DVLA to put your new number plate on to your vehicle. It is essentially an admin fee to transfer the registration of your vehicle from your old registration to your newly purchased registration.

Are there any other fees?

There are no further fees, however the only other outstanding costs you may face would be for purchasing and fitting a set of physical number plates for your vehicle. These are not included in the DVLA price.

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