Update 04/05/2022: All new 72 reg number plate are now available to purchase from the DVLA!

Find your 72 registration on the DVLA website, or click here to view all the pre-owned 72 registrations on our website as they get listed.

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The DVLA have now updated their website with millions of new 72 series registrations.

These are brand new registrations from the DVLA, which will all be available to buy at 10:00am on Wednesday 4th May 2022.

This means you can now check out the website and earmark any new 72 registrations you wish to purchase before they’re released on general sale.

Prices for these new registrations start at £399, which includes VAT and the £80 Assignment fee.

As you’re browsing the website, you may see some registrations highlighted with a green ‘clock’ icon. These plates are only available to buy until 18th June, after which they will be taken off general sale – so this is your only chance to buy such registrations.

Remember, as these are all date-specific Current format number plates, they can only be assigned to vehicles registered from September 2022.

So if you have a new vehicle on order for delivery after that date, this is the ideal opportunity to furnish your new car with a great new number plate.

Check out all the 72 plates available on the DVLA website.

Also, just a heads up, the first round of auction-exclusive 72 reg number plates will be appearing in the May 2022 DVLA auction – including our current favourite: EX72 EME (EXTREME)!

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