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BIG 6134 Number Plate

BIG 6134 is a Dateless style number plate. It has 3 letters and 4 numbers for a total of 7 characters.

Northern Ireland UK registration number Retention DocumentSuit a limo, large truck …or a Tatra T613, which is what it has been on for the last 14 yearsFree postage, obvs. …haven’t been able to change eBay default!

Plate Details

  • DVLA’s Changes Fee incl. in price? – Yes
  • Is VRM ‘on retention’? – Yes
  • Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) Type – Dateless (incl. N Ireland)
  • VRM (Registration Number) – BIG 6134

Plate Spacing Variations

B IG6134
BI G6134
BIG 6134
BIG6 134
BIG61 34
BIG613 4

Note: It may not be legal to display this number plate on your vehicle with the variations shown here. For illustration purposes only.

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BIG 6134 Plate FAQs

What number plate style is BIG 6134?

BIG 6134 is a Dateless style number plate.

Dateless number plates do not conform to a typical number plate format or layout and, as the name suggests, they can be applied to a vehicle of any age. You’ll often find the most high-value number plates are dateless, but there are still bargains to be had.

How much is BIG 6134 worth?

BIG 6134 is listed for sale with a starting price of £385.

This number plate is being sold at auction, so this figure is the minimum the seller may accept. However, a reserve price may have been set indicating the seller believes BIG 6134 may be worth more.

See how much your number plate could be worth on our Number Plate Valuation page.

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