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JA67NGH Number Plate

JA67NGH is a Current style number plate. It has 5 letters and 2 numbers for a total of 7 characters.

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Plate Details

  • Brand – Unbranded
  • Type – Number Plate
  • Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) Type – Current Style (XX51 XXX)
  • DVLA’s Assignment Fee Incl. In Price – Yes
  • VRM (Registration Number) – JA67NGH
  • Features – Private Number Plate
  • VRM On Retention – Yes
  • Suitable For – Car
  • Suitable For – Caravan
  • Suitable For – Motorcycle
  • Placement on Vehicle – Front & Back

Plate Spacing Variations


Note: It may not be legal to display this number plate on your vehicle with the variations shown here. For illustration purposes only.

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JA67NGH Plate FAQs

What number plate style is JA67NGH?

JA67NGH is a Current style number plate.

Current number plates are the seven-character plates you’ll find fitted to all new cars from 2001. These contain two letters, followed by two numbers and ending in three more letters.

How much is JA67NGH worth?

JA67NGH is listed for sale with a price of £1,200.

The seller has decided that JA67NGH is worth £1,200 for immediate purchase, however they may be open to offers around this price.

See how much your number plate could be worth on our Number Plate Valuation page.

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