MUF 7W Number Plate

MUF 7W is a Suffix style number plate. It has 4 letters and 1 numbers for a total of 5 characters.

no 7….W
Few shirts in the world of football are as
iconic as Manchester United’s No.7; it was worn by some of the greatest players
in the game. At Old Trafford it is synonymous with style, charisma and more
than a little individualism. Certainly, some of the biggest names to ever grace
the hallowed turf have run out with No.7
on their back.
From George Best to Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona and David Beckham, not
to mention Cristiano
Ronaldo, Reds supporters have been treated down the years. While
their spells with the jersey weren’t as iconic as their predecessors, Michael Owen and
Antonio Valencia have also enjoyed some success wearing the no.7 shirt
in more recent years 
The registration MUF 7W can only be assigned to a ‘W’ registered or newer vehicle. (Registered after 1 August 1980) ..that’s 42 years..!This is my own Cherished Vehicle Registration that I have owned for over 20 YEARS. Here it is privately offered for sale on Retention Certificate with the assignment fee included. Your
name will be assigned as the Nominee on the Certificate, allowing the number plate to be assigned to any vehicle you own, registered after 1st August 1980, where the Nominee name matches the name on the vehicle’s log book / V5.Please note my guidance to market value (see pics or simply search online yourself); it is currently valued at £1210.00, by a market leading cherished plate seller. An investment opportunity offered here, especially as older plates like this suffix design become rarer – this one is 42 years old !!If you purchase through them, they will charge you a price of  (AUGUST 2022) = £1309.99 ! (or £1723.00 if you opt for finance !!!) – compare these to my asking price!Here is your chance to miss out the middle-man, BIG TIME! The ultimate gift for a super fan and a great investment !Payment through bank transfer, etc, (BUT not Paypal) Cheers.

Plate Details

  • Applicable Date – XXX XXXW (Aug 80 – Jul 81)
  • Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) Type – Suffix Style (XXX XXXA)
  • Brand – Unbranded
  • DVLA’s Changes Fee incl. in price? – No
  • Is VRM ‘on retention’? – Yes
  • VRM (Registration Number) – MUF 7W
  • DVLA’s Assignment Fee incl. in price? – Yes
  • Is VRM currently held on a vehicle? – No
  • Cherished Number Themes – Sports/Teams

Plate Spacing Variations


Note: It may not be legal to display this number plate on your vehicle with the variations shown here. For illustration purposes only.

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MUF 7W Plate FAQs

What number plate style is MUF 7W?

MUF 7W is a Suffix style number plate.

Suffix number plates were fitted to new vehicles from 1963 to 1983 and consist of three letters, followed by one to three numbers and ending in one letter.

How much is MUF 7W worth?

MUF 7W is listed for sale with a price of £1,077.

The seller has decided that MUF 7W is worth £1,077 for immediate purchase, however they may be open to offers around this price.

See how much your number plate could be worth on our Number Plate Valuation page.

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