RVV 51 Number Plate

RVV 51 is a Dateless style number plate. It has 3 letters and 2 numbers for a total of 5 characters.

[   RVV 51 


‘RW 51”RWS 1′???’R WS 1′???’RV V5 1)’


how the purchaser spaces or displays the letters or numbers, is up to them and
thus out of my control.


To reiterate, the number plate for sale is


RVV 51

Hello and welcome fellow number
plate fans!!!!


I have decided to sell a number
of Cherished Number Plates I own. Others available and ALL would make Ideal ‘Personal’ Gifts.


They are all in my name but
will require the purchaser to be added as Nominee? I can arrange this once full
payment or a deposit has been received.


The entitlement Certificates
will NOT be
released until ALL funds have been received
via UK bank transfer or cash upon collection (these are the ONLY Payment
methods accepted) and ALL parties satisfied.


I am also intending to place them with an agent who have valued them at
least 15% higher, so if they sell, they may be withdrawn from e-bay at any moment, sorry.


All have ‘BUY IT NOW’ prices, however, I have over Sixty personal
registrations and monitor prices on a daily basis and as such, feel the value I
place on them, to be realistic and fair.

Sensible and
realistic Offers ‘may’ be accepted.


have a look at my other numbers plates I have on offer.


I can not

Bank Transfer or Cash on
collection, are the ONLY payment method for both deposit and balance
payments, using the registration number as the reference.  This way ALL transactions are thus clear and
quantifiable for both parties.


Regards and best wishes


James T

Any questions please Tel; 075 321 00000
(reasonable hours please)


The BIN price

RVV 51 is ¬£3495.00Good Value, multi combination ‘Letters & Number’ plate anywhere….

Valuation £3995.00 Plus Fees to both parties.


Plate Details

  • VRM Most Significant Letter – RVV 51 Many combinations (RW 51 – RWS 1)
  • Applicable Date – Any date
  • Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) Type – Dateless (incl. N Ireland)
  • Modified Item – No
  • DVLA’s Changes Fee incl. in price? – Yes
  • Custom Bundle – No
  • DVLA’s Assignment Fee incl. in price? – Yes
  • Is VRM ‘on retention’? – Yes
  • Non-Domestic Product – No
  • Is VRM currently held on a vehicle? – No
  • VRM (Registration Number) – RVV 51

Plate Spacing Variations

R VV51
RV V51
RVV 51
RVV5 1

Note: It may not be legal to display this number plate on your vehicle with the variations shown here. For illustration purposes only.

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RVV 51 Plate FAQs

What number plate style is RVV 51?

RVV 51 is a Dateless style number plate.

Dateless number plates do not conform to a typical number plate format or layout and, as the name suggests, they can be applied to a vehicle of any age.

How much is RVV 51 worth?

RVV 51 is listed for sale with a price of £3,495.

The seller has decided that RVV 51 is worth £3,495 for immediate purchase, however they may be open to offers around this price.

See how much your number plate could be worth on our Number Plate Valuation page.

Accepting offers! Buy Now For £3,495 Or Make an Offer on


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