The seventh DVLA number plate auction of 2021 begins this week (8th September) at 10:00am bringing with it 2,500 brand new registrations ready for purchase.

It runs for one week until Tuesday 14th September with reserve prices from just £70.

The number plates can be bid upon from the DVLA Timed Auction website. But don’t forget the fees to be added to any sale price, including VAT on the hammer price, Buyer’s Premium of 7% (+ VAT on top of that) and finally the £80 assignment fee.

View the Brochure or check out the full list of available registrations below.

You can also view the number plates listed for sale in the previous July/August 2021 auction, and check out the most expensive registrations sold in that auction too.

One final point, we’ve just launched our all new DVLA Auction Fees Calculator to let you work out the final sale price of any number plate (after fees). You will also be able to find out the maximum price you should bid based on your budget. Check it out!

Update: The DVLA have withdrawn the registrations SAM 80W and K111 ALA from this auction.

LotRegistrationReserve Price
1124 A£2,500
2A22 ADY£130
3AAF 1A£500
4A24 AJK£130
5A30 AKB£130
6A35 ALA£130
7A27 ALW£130
8AAM 17T£300
9AAN 1K£500
10AAN 4V£350
11AA67 RON£250
12AAZ 650£100
13389 AB£2,200
14812 AB£2,200
15695 ABA£800
16ABB 11N£300
17ABB 833Y£250
18A555 BEE£130
19A28 BLO£130
20ABO 574N£250
21A66 BYS£130
22ACA 4R£350
23A21 CCC£130
24A177 CHY£130
25A209 CLK£130
26ACL 24M£300
27A77 CUS£130
28ACW 1A£500
29A97 CWJ£130
30A51 DEE£130
31AD12 ELE£250
32ADE 61S£300
33A135 DEV£130
34ADE 314X£250
35ADJ 373Y£250
36ADO 1G£500
37ADR 113Y£250
38ADS 10W£300
39ADY 22L£300
40A53 EBR£130
41A309 EST£130
42A51 ETT£130
43A200 EXL£130
44A111 EXW£130
45369 AF£2,200
46AFD 81W£300
47A111 FDY£130
48A109 FFR£130
495 AFG£1,200
50AGA 4M£350
51AG14 DAM£130
52A114 GRG£130
53A610 GTA£130
54AGZ 3000£70
55AHA 774R£250
56A153 HAS£130
57A555 HHH£250
58A25 HMK£130
59A31 HRR£130
60AHS 4M£350
61AHS 33N£300
62A87 HUD£130
63AIG 57£170
642021 AJ£1,500
65A28 JAL£130
66A45 JDW£130
6796 AJG£1,200
6818 AJK£1,200
69AJK 1A£500
70A21 JKH£130
71AJK 805S£250
72A816 JON£250
73A98 JRD£130
74A99 JUS£130
75AJZ 67£170
76AKA 900R£250
77A110 KBO£130
78AKC 519N£250
79AKD 4S£350
80A114 KER£130
81AKE 153Y£250
82A916 KHN£130
83AKH 8N£350
84AKK 11N£300
85AKM 1X£500
86AKS 4X£350
87AK14 TAR£250
88AKW 76Y£300
8982 AKY£1,200
905811 AL£1,500
91ALA 174H£250
92ALA 2J£350
93A112 LAM£130
94AL07 ANA£250
95ALB 881E£250
96A64 LBY£130
97ALD 66R£300
98A27 LEJ£130
99A29 LOL£130
100A30 LRM£130
101ALS 777£1,200
102A430 LSC£130
103ALU 647E£250
104ALW 412D£250
105592 AM£2,200
106AM21 AAN£250
107A810 MAJ£130
108AMA 441N£250
109A751 MAS£130
110AMB 11Y£300
111A123 MEE£130
112AME 21E£300
113AMG 188S£250
114A72 MJB£130
115AML 2C£350
116A24 MLD£130
117AMM 1L£500
118AMM 19N£300
119A44 MMU£130
120AMM 22Y£300
121AMR 4A£350
12284 AMS£1,200
123417 AMS£800
124A55 MUD£130
125A92 MUJ£130
126A22 MUL£130
127AMY 38C£300
128AMY 611L£250
129ANA 15F£300
130A40 NAN£130
13152 ANC£1,200
132ANH 4N£350
133ANN 5A£350
134ANN 16M£300
135ANT 89C£300
136ANT 121M£250
137ANY 41P£300
13897 AO£2,200
1391976 AO£1,500
140A74 OAK£130
141A22 OCS£130
142AOU 1L£500
143A55 PAJ£130
144APH 120W£250
145A79 PMW£130
146APR 188L£250
147A22 PRU£130
148A22 PWO£130
149A111 RAH£130
150AR71 CLE£400
151511 ARD£800
152ARD 17G£300
153ARF 19N£300
154A21 RJC£130
155ARJ 4S£350
156ARM 12N£300
157A406 RNA£130
158ARN 13H£300
159ARN 11J£300
160A30 RPS£130
161ARP 1T£500
162A464 RTH£130
163A53 RVE£130
164ARW 4Y£350
165ARY 91X£300
166124 AS£2,200
167A97 SAJ£130
168849 ASB£800
169A803 SCR£130
170ASD 117H£250
171ASH 74F£300
172ASH 111M£250
173ASH 97X£300
174ASK 114N£250
175ASM 50P£300
176ASM 44R£300
177ASP 451A£250
178A21 SPJ£130
179A888 SSS£250
1809 AST£1,200
181A666 STA£130
182AST 71N£300
183A99 SUM£130
184A31 TJM£130
185A32 TKR£130
186A22 TMH£130
187A665 TOR£130
188A22 TUR£250
189AU57 ENS£250
190AUJ 14H£300
191AUK 5E£350
192A88 ULT£130
193AUN 91E£300
194AUR 15R£300
195AUS 41D£300
196A37 VAN£130
197AVA 70N£300
198A22 VFC£130
199AVN 315H£250
200A28 WAD£130
201AWA 1D£500
202A30 WDK£130
203A70 WLE£130
20449 AWS£1,200
205A86 WSH£130
206A50 WTR£130
207A212 XXX£130
208AXZ 859£100
209786 AY£2,200
210A111 YAS£250
211A70 YDT£130
212A117 YNA£130
213A222 YYY£250
214AYZ 10£170
2152013 B£2,500
216BAC 23K£300
217BAJ 339A£250
218666 BAK£1,200
219BAK 80Y£300
220BAL 444L£250
221BAL 41M£300
222B24 ANA£130
223B74 AND£130
224B111 ANN£250
225BAN 11Y£300
226B77 APR£130
227BAR 20C£300
228BAR 223Y£250
229B89 ASH£130
230BAS 3R£350
231BAU 9R£350
232BAV 322A£250
233B322 AXX£130
234850 BB£2,200
235B94 BAM£130
236B457 BLE£130
237B311 BOB£250
238B98 BRS£130
239B72 CDH£130
240BCH 335E£250
241B94 CJC£130
242B25 CJR£130
243B81 CKO£130
244B22 CLE£130
245BCS 785X£250
2466 BCU£1,200
247B23 DAL£130
24881 BDB£1,200
249B146 DEN£130
250B124 DGM£130
251B111 EAS£130
252BEC 9A£350
253BED 717E£250
254BEE 12Y£300
255B66 EFS£250
256BE05 LLA£250
257BEL 81W£300
258BEN 11R£300
259BEN 800W£250
260BEN 88Y£300
261BER 9G£350
262BE13 RRY£250
263BES 1T£500
264BET 11A£300
265BET 81H£300
266BEV 11K£300
267B33 EVS£130
268BEW 501D£250
269BF 99£2,200
270BFZ 33£170
271B411 GHN£130
272B333 GUM£250
273BGZ 200£100
274B33 HRY£130
275B137 HYN£130
276BHZ 45£170
277BJD 3R£350
278B119 JOE£250
279B111 JOJ£130
280BJZ 123£100
281BJZ 1956£70
282B41 KAY£250
283B74 KET£130
28410 BKS£1,200
285B33 KTR£130
286BKZ 96£170
287BL02 ACK£250
288BLA 44E£300
289BLA 441R£250
290BLE 3M£350
291B41 LUM£130
292B111 LYM£130
293BLZ 87£170
294102 BM£2,200
295B41 MOB£130
296B311 MRJ£130
297B441 NDS£130
298B21 NFS£130
299B111 NKX£130
300B166 NOM£130
301B41 NOS£130
302B85 NWH£130
303BOD 3X£350
304BON 21E£300
305BON 53Y£300
306BOU 19D£300
307BOW 16R£300
308BO07 XER£250
309BPL 230E£250
31077 BPM£1,200
311B999 RAN£130
312BRA 10S£300
313B41 RDM£130
314B44 REN£130
315BRE 33S£300
316BR05 ETT£250
317BRO 7D£350
318BRO 711N£250
319B32 RTY£250
320BR10 UNT£250
321B88 RUV£130
322BRX 70N£300
323BR18 YAN£250
324BRY 66E£300
325BRY 64N£300
326BRZ 74£170
32718 BSA£1,200
328B311 SAM£250
32925 BSB£1,200
330B41 SRA£130
331BSZ 111£100
332B44 TCH£250
333BTC 601N£250
334B165 TER£130
335B47 TON£250
336B111 TTY£130
337B461 TUP£130
3382000 BU£2,000
339BUC 11E£300
340BUL 11E£300
341BU71 LER£250
342BUL 61N£300
343BUN 63Y£300
344BU17 RNS£250
345BUT 643R£250
34649 BVS£1,200
3479 BXJ£400
348BXZ 888£100
34910 BYJ£300
350440 C£2,500
351CAB 999Y£250
352C30 ACS£130
35387 CAD£1,200
354C25 ADN£130
355C113 AEB£130
356CAH 805S£250
357C63 AJH£130
358CAK 6E£350
359CAL 94B£300
360CA15 LUM£250
361C44 ALV£130
362C411 AMA£250
363CAM 20D£300
364C163 AMG£250
365C84 ANT£130
366C41 APH£130
367CAR 388A£250
368CAR 153J£250
369CA18 RLA£250
370CAR 21N£300
371CAR 296V£250
372CAS 713E£250
373CAT 61H£300
374CA17 THY£250
375C23 ATK£130
376CAT 6V£350
377CAT 117Y£250
3783 CAV£1,200
379CAV 18L£300
380349 CAW£800
381102 CB£2,200
382C91 BEN£250
383C24 BEW£130
384C30 BMW£130
385C411 BTM£130
386C41 CAM£130
387C77 CJR£130
388C115 CLC£130
389C44 CMW£130
390C23 CON£130
391C88 COO£130
392C63 CSB£130
393CCZ 83£170
394C45 DES£130
395C243 DET£130
396CDS 21E£300
39712 CDX£300
398123 CE£2,200
3999 CEG£1,200
400C457 ELL£130
401CEO 4K£350
402C111 ERA£130
403CER 13A£300
404CER 18J£300
405CER 111R£250
406CE13 RYS£250
4071977 CF£1,500
408C71 FFS£130
4094 CFO£1,200
410CFX 805S£250
411C45 GJH£130
412CGJ 2J£350
413C32 GOR£130
414C411 GOT£130
415CGZ 500£100
4161971 CH£1,500
417CHA 544D£250
418CHA 45E£300
419CHA 514M£250
420CHE 2F£350
421C115 HEP£130
422CHE 550R£250
423CHH 13F£300
424CHL 4L£350
425CH57 LOE£250
426CH15 SOM£250
427CIG 21£170
428180 CJA£800
42918 CJC£1,200
430CJH 12A£300
431CJL 1F£500
432CJ54 NDS£250
433993 CJP£800
434CJT 1K£500
435CJW 88W£300
436CJZ 9000£70
437C714 KER£130
438C88 KEY£130
439CLA 24A£300
440CL19 ARE£250
441CLD 1X£500
442CLE 14L£300
443C171 LES£130
444C99 LNG£130
445CLZ 1234£70
446138 CM£2,200
447CMA 1Y£500
448CMD 20N£300
449C41 MEC£130
450C44 MEN£250
451C101 MER£130
452CMG 1N£500
453C70 MMP£130
454C26 MOJ£130
455CMR 1A£500
456C96 MRF£130
457700 CN£2,200
458CNE 11L£300
459C164 NER£130
460C411 NEY£130
4616 CNL£1,200
462C999 NNR£130
463COB 427S£250
464C33 OCS£130
465CO18 ECK£400
466C35 OJP£130
467C320 OKE£130
468COL 7P£350
469COM 888E£250
470COM 18Y£300
471COO 6S£350
472COO 18Y£300
473CO11 RAL£250
474COR 833F£250
475COR 73Y£300
476COS 11N£300
477COS 4R£350
478COT 711E£250
479COU 4T£350
480COU 263Y£250
481COW 84G£300
482CPH 2J£350
483CPR 14N£300
484C144 RAF£130
485CRA 116K£250
486CRB 10W£300
487C50 RBY£130
488C33 ROB£250
489CRO 117N£250
490CR20 OSS£250
491C80 RTA£130
492CRU 53E£300
493CRW 30S£300
494CRZ 36£170
4951949 CS£1,500
49618 CSB£1,200
497CSZ 444£100
498C111 THM£130
499C411 TON£130
500C24 TOY£130
501911 CTY£1,200
502CUB 81N£300
503C42 UFC£130
504CUS 770M£250
505CUT 51E£300
506CWH 178Y£250
507101 CWS£800
508C21 WTT£130
509CWU 307J£250
510C54 XBY£130
511CXC 2J£350
512500 CY£2,200
513230 DA£2,200
514DAA 15Y£300
515DA04 DDY£250
516111 DAG£1,200
517DAG 4N£350
518DAH 888X£250
519DAL 89A£300
520DAL 13N£300
521D119 AMW£130
522DAN 741N£250
523DAN 111P£250
524DAN 77T£300
525DAN 84W£300
526DAR 311E£250
527DAR 110N£250
528DAR 83Y£300
529D111 ASD£130
530D159 ATH£130
531DAV 119D£250
532DAV 144H£250
533DAW 117S£250
534DAX 50L£300
535D297 BEN£250
536D33 BOW£130
537DCB 49B£300
538D90 CJB£130
539D94 CJC£130
540D962 CSO£130
541D110 CSW£130
542DCZ 1111£70
543D35 DAN£250
544102 DE£2,200
545DEA 14A£300
546DE51 ANA£250
547DE12 ANO£250
548DEB 81A£300
549786 DEE£800
550DE06 EPA£250
551DEE 14Y£300
552DEG 9N£350
553DE21 GNS£250
554DEL 118H£250
555DEM 11J£300
556DE11 NES£250
557DE11 PAK£250
558D166 ERC£130
55994 DES£1,200
560DEV 4C£350
561DEV 17N£300
562DEW 42R£300
563DEZ 750£100
564DFE 113R£250
565D80 GAN£130
566DG54 NDS£250
567DGN 805S£250
568DGV 1N£500
569DGW 805S£250
570DGZ 600£100
571D445 HAN£130
572D215 HAR£130
573DHA 77S£300
574D26 HOD£130
575DHR 19B£300
576D82 HRD£130
577444 DHS£1,200
578DHZ 64£170
579DJA 1A£500
580D84 JAB£130
581D69 JAG£250
582DJA 116N£250
58377 DJC£1,200
584DJH 805S£250
58584 DJK£1,200
586D64 KNJ£130
587D51 KUS£130
588D90 LOG£130
589DMA 114L£250
590DMB 8D£350
591D60 MES£130
592D857 MFD£130
593D38 MRK£130
59474 DMS£1,200
595D165 MSX£130
596D34 NAJ£130
597D571 NCT£130
598D55 NEY£130
599D444 NKS£130
600D123 NNO£130
601D44 NPS£130
602D99 NSH£130
603D24 NTP£130
604D66 NWS£130
605D411 NYT£130
606D44 NYY£250
607DOC 411X£250
608DOM 98D£300
609DOM 88J£300
610DOM 7S£350
611DON 116A£250
612DON 4G£350
613DO68 NNA£250
614DON 41P£300
615DOR 131N£250
616D84 ORR£130
617DOW 116R£250
61833 DPM£1,200
619DP51 NGH£250
620D110 PPS£130
621DRA 810N£250
622DRC 17H£300
623D47 REN£250
624DRJ 450N£250
625DRJ 482X£250
626D811 RKE£130
627DRM 500S£250
628DR17 VER£250
629DRY 1A£500
630DRZ 27£170
631D511 SBY£130
6327 DSF£1,200
633D88 SJF£130
634DSK 1£2,400
635DSK 177S£250
636DSZ 60£170
637D22 THU£130
638DUB 57A£300
639DUB 415S£250
640D411 UBX£130
641DU04 CAT£250
642DUH 16J£300
643DUI 38£170
644DUS 74H£300
645D111 VAA£130
646D610 VNY£130
647D111 VXR£130
648D85 WHU£130
649666 DXJ£250
650D92 XOX£130
65143 DY£2,200
652D477 YAL£130
653D413 YBO£130
654DY04 LAN£250
655DYL 417B£250
656DYM 3K£350
657190 E£2,500
658EAD 50N£300
659E30 ANG£130
660E30 ASG£130
661EAS 151P£250
662EAZ 41£170
663E300 BAD£130
664E46 BLK£130
665E34 BMW£250
666EBS 805S£250
667ECC 16S£300
668E21 CEB£130
669E36 CJG£130
670ECO 1X£500
671ECZ 35£170
672EDG 111E£250
673E111 DHH£130
674EDH 1M£500
675531 EEM£1,200
676E23 EMS£130
677EEO 11N£300
678EES 4M£350
6797 EFE£1,200
680EFZ 300£100
681E30 GEE£130
682EGS 1R£500
683E111 GUS£130
684EGZ 44£170
685E35 HHA£130
686EJB 7W£350
687EJJ 4G£350
6882 EJY£400
68987 EK£2,200
69084 EL£2,200
691ELA 10W£300
692ELB 37H£300
693ELB 805S£250
694ELD 6R£350
695ELL 10A£300
696ELL 113H£250
697ELL 16S£300
698EL71 OTT£250
699ELT 10W£300
700102 EM£2,200
701EMA 50L£300
702E129 MAP£130
703E111 MCD£130
704EMC 10D£300
705E22 MCF£130
706E46 MCH£130
707E30 MGX£130
708E63 MMA£250
709E39 MSP£130
710EMY 53N£300
7111984 EN£1,500
712E55 NAS£130
713E121 NNN£130
714E120 NWY£130
715ENY 6A£350
716E400 PLA£130
717ERE 5X£350
718ERF 11N£300
71915 ERG£1,200
720E34 RSB£130
721ERU 5T£350
722E34 RYN£130
723300 ES£2,200
724ESA 50N£300
725ESC 102T£250
726E24 SFA£130
727ESH 414L£250
728ESK 1£2,400
729E116 SKY£130
730E46 SMC£130
731ESM 8E£350
732E39 SSB£130
733E90 TAY£130
734E36 TDS£130
735ETH 601N£250
73611 ETK£1,200
737E110 TTJ£130
7389 EUN£1,200
739EV64 ANS£250
740E700 VEY£130
741EVL 500K£250
742E36 WDE£130
743E46 WHO£130
744E30 WTF£130
745EXA 6T£350
746EXE 60L£300
747E650 XRV£130
748321 EXS£250
749EXZ 999£100
750EYE 5H£350
751EY67 RES£250
752F115 AAC£130
753F698 ACB£130
754F355 ADS£130
755FAH 114D£250
756F40 AJC£130
757FAL 100N£250
758FA71 MAH£400
759FA07 RAH£250
760FAT 80B£300
761F444 ATU£130
762FAU 744N£250
763FAV 14N£300
7647 FBW£1,200
765FBZ 850£100
76691 FC£2,200
767303 FCC£800
768F61 CEF£130
769F355 CGE£130
770F27 CRD£130
771F34 DEK£130
772F41 DER£130
773F355 DEV£130
774F66 DJH£130
7759 FDL£1,200
776F110 DLE£130
777F26 DLJ£130
77887 FE£2,200
779F71 EBS£130
780390 FED£800
781FER 42S£300
782FER 666Y£250
783458 FF£2,200
784FFZ 62£170
785F28 GWH£130
786FGZ 555£100
787F44 HMM£130
78896 FJS£1,200
789FKE 181E£250
790F21 KRM£130
791FLO 221E£250
792FL02 OYD£250
793FLY 64E£300
794FLZ 412£100
795FLZ 1980£70
796F78 NKE£130
797F24 NKW£130
7983 FNR£1,200
799FO57 ERH£250
800FOR 74G£300
801FOU 1L£500
802FOY 1A£500
803F311 PRO£130
804FR17 ANK£250
805FRA 754X£250
80653 FRD£1,200
807FRZ 370£100
808F96 SAV£130
809F27 SCO£130
810F28 SER£130
811F348 SFM£130
812F400 SPT£130
813100 FSY£250
814FSY 3J£350
815FSZ 4£500
81636 FTL£1,200
817F355 TNY£130
818F21 TUG£130
819FUR 744N£250
82050 FV£2,200
8215 FWS£1,200
822FXG 8P£350
823FXZ 86£170
824282 G£2,500
825GAB 619L£250
826GAF 54R£300
827GAR 33B£300
828G44 ARM£130
829GAS 2A£350
83011 GAW£1,200
831GAZ 950£100
832GA55 ZZA£250
833G84 BEK£130
8348 GBG£1,200
835GBM 1A£500
836122 GBW£800
837104 GC£2,200
83811 GCB£1,200
839555 GCC£1,200
8407 GCH£1,200
841GCH 3M£350
842GCR 335E£250
843GCS 1S£500
844GCW 8F£350
84599 GDC£1,200
84673 GDW£1,200
84799 GDX£300
848GEM 100£1,200
849GEM 7H£350
850GEN 805S£250
851GEO 241A£250
852G91 FML£130
853GFZ 2000£70
854G71 GMT£130
855G80 GRA£130
856G44 GUE£130
857GGZ 600£100
858G23 HAN£130
859GHE 770B£250
860GHF 1J£500
861GHO 57M£300
862GH04 OST£250
86385 GHS£1,200
864250 GJ£2,200
865GJB 1X£500
86677 GJE£1,200
867GJH 111S£250
868GJN 4C£350
869GJZ 123£100
870GKA 581A£250
871GKA 11R£300
872GKN 10W£300
873GL65 AMG£250
874G111 LON£130
875GLZ 2222£70
876G55 MAA£130
877G88 MCN£130
878GMH 16M£300
879G111 MRE£130
880G881 NGS£130
881G24 NTL£130
882G74 NTW£130
883G44 NTY£130
884GNZ 1234£70
885G32 OEM£130
886G60 OGY£130
8871212 GP£1,500
888G33 PAD£130
889G500 PEN£130
890GR53 ACE£250
891GRA 661E£250
892GRA 11S£300
893G117 ROW£130
8944 GRV£1,200
89563 GRX£300
896G44 RYD£130
897GRZ 777£100
898101 GS£2,200
899GSA 133M£250
900GSA 805S£250
901GSG 111L£250
902GSW 411A£250
903G71 SYN£130
904GTO 91X£300
905GUG 5X£350
906GUL 2A£350
907GUL 3E£350
908GU11 NOR£250
909G110 VNY£130
910450 GW£2,200
911G477 WAL£130
91294 GWF£1,200
9137 GYJ£400
914G60 YMS£130
915HA51 BOR£250
916HAD 3Y£350
917HAE 111S£250
9186 HAG£1,200
919HAK 31L£300
920555 HAN£1,200
921HAN 21A£300
922H331 AND£130
923HAN 17F£300
924HAN 19S£300
925HAR 111J£250
926HAR 713T£250
927HAS 95£1,200
928HAT 713F£250
929HAT 312S£250
930HAY 167Y£250
931HA53 ZEL£250
9321997 HB£1,500
933HBA 1L£500
934H44 BKR£130
9359 HBW£1,200
936888 HC£2,200
937H40 CLH£130
938H56 CSG£130
9397 HDY£400
940H452 EEB£250
941HEM 41C£300
942HEM 155Y£250
943HEN 44K£300
944HER 219S£250
945H41 EYC£130
94653 HF£2,200
947H21 GGY£130
9486 HGJ£1,200
949122 HGK£800
950HGS 805S£250
951HGZ 4321£70
9527285 HH£1,500
953H33 HAW£130
9542 HHB£1,200
955H387 HER£250
956H45 HMM£130
957H919 HRC£130
958HHV 1P£500
959HIG 47£170
960HJC 1C£500
961HJH 1M£500
962H444 KAN£250
963H88 KSY£130
964H112 LAM£130
965HLC 805S£250
966H77 LED£130
967H22 LER£130
968H711 LES£130
969H21 LJC£130
970HLZ 54£170
971H491 MAD£130
972H451 MCH£130
973H111 MMS£130
974H111 NDY£130
975H111 NGY£130
976H411 NSY£130
977H45 NUL£250
978HO04 DGE£250
979HOL 10Y£300
980H4 OOO£250
981H40 OUE£130
982H111 PKN£130
98311 HPS£1,200
984H81 PTR£130
985H44 RFN£130
986H33 RNE£250
987H412 ROP£130
988H44 RRO£130
989H363 RTY£250
990HRV 33Y£300
991H44 RWN£130
992H89 SAM£250
99398 HSC£1,200
9949 HSG£1,200
995HSJ 111£1,200
9963 HSM£1,200
997H99 SOM£130
99896 HSV£1,200
99985 HT£2,200
1000H24 TAM£130
1001H485 TER£130
1002HUN 173R£250
1003HVM 412A£250
1004H455 WEL£130
100592 HWS£1,200
1006H44 XRY£130
100760 HXT£300
1008HXZ 7£500
1009H444 YDR£130
1010HY02 NES£250
1011IDZ 97£170
1012IEZ 19£170
1013IFZ 123£100
1014IG 55£2,200
1015IGZ 50£170
1016IHZ 72£170
1017IIG 3333£70
1018IIW 76£170
1019IJZ 92£170
1020IRZ 22£170
1021IXZ 80£170
1022103 J£2,500
1023124 JA£2,200
1024J72 ABM£130
1025JAC 75S£300
1026JAC 673W£250
1027JAD 33Y£300
1028JAG 5R£350
102998 JAH£1,200
1030J92 AJG£130
1031JAK 111B£250
1032JAK 23L£300
1033JAM 1J£500
1034JA11 MMY£250
1035JAM 16R£300
1036JAM 32S£300
1037JA71 NDR£250
1038JAN 9Y£350
1039JAP 805S£250
1040J406 ARY£130
1041JAS 96B£300
1042JA17 SON£250
1043420 JAT£800
1044J82 AVB£130
104571 JAW£1,200
104642 JAY£1,200
1047JA10 YNE£250
10481996 JB£1,500
1049J96 BAX£130
1050J48 BBA£130
1051JBC 4S£350
1052JBE 4L£350
1053J95 BEN£250
1054J488 BER£130
105515 JBG£1,200
1056JBR 317H£250
1057JBZ 765£100
10582004 JC£1,500
1059J98 CFP£130
1060944 JCK£800
1061JCS 8M£350
1062JCU 11L£300
1063JCZ 85£170
1064100 JDA£1,200
1065J97 DAN£250
1066JDH 44L£300
1067J45 DMY£130
106893 JDW£1,200
1069JDZ 783£100
107088 JEC£1,200
1071JE53 DGE£250
1072JEE 12H£300
1073JEL 1K£500
1074J96 ELP£130
1075JEM 156£800
1076JEM 805S£250
1077JEN 114A£250
1078JEN 18C£300
1079JE18 NNA£250
1080JE71 NNY£250
1081J411 ESC£130
1082JES 58N£300
1083103 JF£2,200
10849 JFS£1,200
1085JFZ 13£170
1086JGH 2S£350
108722 JGR£1,200
108895 JGS£1,200
1089JGZ 25£170
1090J355 HEM£130
1091126 JHR£800
1092JIG 150£100
1093JIL 321£100
1094JJA 113S£250
109515 JJB£1,200
1096JJE 230V£250
1097JJI 73£170
1098J87 JLC£130
109913 JJS£1,200
1100150 JK£2,200
1101J45 KAL£130
1102JKB 15B£300
1103J355 KEL£130
1104JKH 401M£250
1105JKS 805S£250
1106JLB 3M£350
1107JLJ 33P£300
110812 JLS£1,200
1109J355 MCL£130
1110JME 118R£250
1111JMF 1A£500
111276 JMS£1,200
1113JMT 2M£350
1114JMT 805S£250
1115J45 MXN£130
1116678 JN£2,200
1117J157 NDR£130
1118J45 NEL£250
1119JNE 5S£350
11203 JNH£1,200
1121J37 NNY£250
1122JNP 2J£350
112323 JNS£1,200
1124JNS 7R£350
1125JNZ 1000£70
1126650 JO£2,200
1127JOD 113B£250
1128J412 ODS£130
1129JOH 115S£250
1130J412 OLD£130
1131JO11 NAS£250
1132JON 477N£250
1133JON 143S£250
1134J7 OOO£250
1135JOR 2D£350
1136JOS 135£1,200
1137JOS 9F£350
1138JO19 SHY£250
1139JOY 22B£300
1140JO11 ZEF£250
11416187 JP£1,500
1142J45 PEJ£130
1143JPH 1A£500
1144JPH 1J£500
1145J71 PRC£130
1146J411 RAM£130
1147JRA 11T£300
1148JRE 31D£300
1149J98 RGO£130
1150JRL 3V£350
1151J811 RNS£130
1152JRZ 111£100
1153JSA 98X£300
1154JS20 EMC£130
115522 JSG£1,200
115622 JSH£1,200
1157J41 SHT£130
1158J82 SJR£130
1159JSL 805S£250
1160JSM 177Y£250
1161JSO 1X£500
1162J58 SSB£130
1163J41 SSS£250
1164JSW 2J£350
1165JSW 1T£500
1166J74 TES£130
1167J112 TMS£130
1168JT54 NDY£250
1169JTO 1A£500
117088 JTS£1,200
1171JUB 4D£350
1172JUD 93E£300
1173JUL 35Y£300
1174JUN 193R£250
1175JUN 2Y£350
1176JUT 517A£250
1177J134 UTD£130
11788 JVR£1,200
1179103 JW£2,200
1180JWB 1V£500
118128 JWM£1,200
118221 JX£2,200
118352 JY£2,200
1184J184 YER£130
11855 JYL£400
1186J91 YNG£130
1187JY51 NGH£250
1188KAB 13R£300
1189227 KAD£800
1190KAD 22K£300
1191K486 AKH£130
1192K49 AKK£130
1193K111 ALA£130
1194KAL 117A£250
1195KAM 611L£250
1196KAN 3F£350
1197KAN 481R£250
1198K11 ANS£250
1199KAN 1X£500
1200KA21 REN£250
1201KAR 51F£300
1202KAR 134H£250
1203KAR 125S£250
1204KAS 89£1,200
1205KAT 41H£300
1206KAV 114R£250
1207KAY 52Y£300
1208KBU 77T£300
12098 KCC£1,200
1210K805 COT£130
121111 KCY£300
1212KCZ 27£170
12137 KDM£1,200
1214K41 DNN£130
1215K311 DOG£130
1216K41 DUL£130
1217K411 DUN£130
1218KEE 8S£350
1219KEL 170B£250
1220KEM 6L£350
1221K71 ENC£130
122211 KER£1,200
1223KE54 SHA£250
1224KE11 VAN£250
1225KEV 99P£300
1226KEW 1E£500
1227KEW 77N£300
1228KEY 441N£250
12293 KFJ£1,200
1230K421 FOU£130
1231KFZ 635£100
1232666 KG£2,200
1233KGZ 200£100
1234KHA 771S£250
1235K85 HBM£130
1236K176 HER£130
1237K115 HSH£130
1238KIG 69£170
1239KJB 805S£250
1240K42 JOT£130
1241311 KJR£800
1242K45 KEW£130
1243K71 KJW£130
1244KKO 10S£300
1245K96 KTT£130
1246KKZ 786£100
1247786 KL£2,200
1248K54 LAM£130
1249KLR 47H£300
1250KLV 33N£300
1251KMC 1D£500
1252KMP 805S£250
125395 KN£2,200
1254K421 NAC£130
1255KNA 665Y£250
1256K41 NEH£130
1257K111 NGB£130
1258K114 NSE£130
1259KON 4T£350
1260K957 ORE£130
1261KRA 24K£300
1262KRA 83Y£300
1263K42 RLS£250
1264K41 ROW£130
1265KRS 771N£250
1266KRS 10W£300
1267K119 RYD£130
1268KRZ 20£170
1269KSB 111X£250
1270KSM 811T£250
1271K47 TAH£130
1272KTE 1X£500
1273KUG 6A£350
1274KUI 34£170
1275KUK 514N£250
1276K411 UMG£130
1277K43 VVY£130
1278K51 VXX£130
1279KXZ 333£100
1280KYA 17P£300
1281K41 YAS£130
128224 LAD£1,200
1283LAF 10W£300
12849 LAH£1,200
1285125 LAK£800
1286LA71 MBO£250
1287LAN 65Y£300
1288LAP 1K£500
1289LAT 383X£250
1290LAU 29M£300
1291LA59 URA£250
1292LAV 31L£300
129354 LAW£1,200
1294LAW 11B£300
1295LBB 22A£300
1296LBE 12G£300
12976 LBX£400
129888 LCC£1,200
1299LCL 15T£300
130026 LCN£1,200
1301L84 CRS£130
1302LCW 15D£300
1303LCZ 123£100
1304L131 DON£130
1305LEA 49B£300
1306LE18 AHS£250
130720 LEB£1,200
1308LEN 50R£300
1309LEO 36N£300
1310LEW 811D£250
1311LEW 152J£250
1312LEX 10£1,200
1313LEX 13C£300
1314LEY 14A£300
1315L471 FAL£130
1316L34 FKB£130
1317LFZ 100£100
131810 LGC£1,200
1319L97 GEE£130
1320LGZ 444£100
1321LHH 805S£250
1322L117 HUG£130
1323LIG 321£100
1324LIL 1993£70
1325L85 JAP£130
1326LJH 27B£300
1327LJM 4R£350
1328595 LJS£800
1329LJW 1A£500
1330LJZ 13£170
1331L134 KER£130
1332L131 KES£130
1333800 LKS£1,200
1334400 LL£2,200
1335L91 LAB£130
133699 LLC£1,200
133721 LLE£1,200
1338LLE 15T£300
1339500 LLM£1,200
1340LLZ 5555£70
1341L83 MAC£130
1342LMA 110N£250
1343LMB 7X£350
1344L144 MMR£130
1345L411 ODA£130
1346LOG 47N£300
1347LO11 MAX£250
1348LOR 11K£300
1349LOR 6N£350
1350LOR 3P£350
1351LOS 5Y£350
1352LOT 13C£300
1353LOU 113E£250
1354LOU 154G£250
1355LOU 155K£250
1356LOU 12M£300
1357LOV 611N£250
1358LOY 1A£500
1359L82 PRK£130
1360LRC 3N£350
1361LRG 66N£300
1362L322 ROY£250
1363L94 RRY£250
136411 LRV£1,200
1365LRZ 77£170
1366L115 SAA£250
1367L42 SJD£130
1368L81 SKH£130
1369LSS 90X£300
1370L155 SSY£130
1371333 LT£2,200
1372L411 THM£130
1373L127 TLE£130
1374LUB 11N£300
137510 LUC£1,200
1376LUC 13B£300
1377LUC 47W£300
1378LUC 19Y£300
1379LU15 CYS£250
1380LUN 4H£350
1381L348 URD£130
1382L905 URF£130
1383L54 UTO£130
1384LVS 805S£250
1385LXI 84£170
1386LXS 4£400
1387LXZ 24£170
1388L812 YAN£130
1389LY21 NDA£250
1390LYN 99H£300
1391LY66 NNE£250
1392LY19 ONS£250
1393LYT 70N£300
1394221 M£2,500
13958882 M£2,500
139680 MA£2,200
1397MAA 71K£300
1398MAB 1A£500
1399MAB 9L£350
1400M82 ABR£130
1401720 MAC£800
1402MA05 CCA£250
1403M92 ADH£130
1404MA04 DHU£250
1405MAE 11N£300
1406MA08 GGY£250
1407MAG 5L£350
1408MAH 7R£350
1409M94 AJB£130
1410MAJ 63D£300
1411MAK 12X£300
1412MA71 LDA£400
1413MAL 133Y£250
1414MAR 531A£250
1415MAR 33N£300
1416MAR 284R£250
1417MA05 RSH£250
1418MAR 900T£250
1419M471 ARU£130
1420MAR 514Y£250
1421MA17 SER£250
1422MAS 300N£250
1423MAS 114W£250
1424MAT 6J£350
1425MAT 7M£350
1426MAT 91S£300
1427MAT 723W£250
1428MAU 6S£350
1429MAV 1K£500
1430MAX 3G£350
1431MAX 85M£300
1432MAX 82N£300
1433MAY 8A£350
1434M74 BEE£130
1435786 MBL£800
1436M32 BOX£130
1437MBR 317H£250
1438MBR 24K£300
1439M83 BRY£130
1440MBS 33N£300
1441MBY 21E£300
1442M135 CDH£130
1443MCE 5T£350
1444MCH 1A£500
1445MCK 7M£350
1446MCL 20D£300
1447MC08 NAB£250
14486 MCO£1,200
1449M311 COX£130
1450MC11 RAE£250
1451MCS 1S£500
1452MC66 URK£250
1453M73 CVR£130
1454MDC 1S£500
1455217 MDK£800
145691 MDW£1,200
1457MDW 9T£350
1458150 ME£2,200
14594 MEB£1,200
146095 MEC£1,200
1461M377 ECH£130
1462MEC 5S£350
146312 MED£1,200
1464MED 117A£250
1465MED 2Y£350
1466ME17 GAN£250
1467MEG 102D£250
1468MEG 89X£300
1469MEL 80M£300
1470MEM 5Y£350
1471M501 ENA£130
1472M47 ETH£130
1473MEW 5Y£350
147414 MFG£1,200
14752 MFV£1,200
1476MFZ 430£100
147773 MGB£1,200
1478M477 GRN£130
14796 MGU£1,200
1480MGZ 59£170
1481600 MH£2,200
1482M419 HEO£130
1483M45 HKA£130
1484MHK 1L£500
1485MHL 70X£300
14867 MHP£1,200
1487M67 HTS£130
1488M67 HUL£130
1489M170 HWS£130
1490M35 HWT£130
1491MHZ 666£100
1492MIL 293£100
1493600 MJ£2,200
1494303 MJB£800
1495MJB 29T£300
149699 MJC£1,200
1497MJE 3F£350
149822 MJF£1,200
1499M140 JFS£130
1500MJH 1N£500
1501911 MJJ£1,200
150213 MJM£1,200
1503243 MJP£800
1504MJR 11R£300
150569 MJS£1,200
1506349 MJW£800
1507MJW 5H£350
15084 MKA£1,200
1509M411 KAH£130
1510MKA 5H£350
1511M34 KAJ£130
1512MKB 805S£250
151351 MKD£1,200
1514M47 KJA£130
1515M46 KLE£130
1516MKU 51N£300
1517M134 LCH£130
1518M114 LEO£130
1519M85 LEY£130
1520MLH 1E£500
152110 MLP£1,200
1522M43 LYS£130
1523MLZ 8000£70
1524M96 MAT£130
1525M41 MCD£130
1526MMC 1G£500
1527M221 MCL£130
1528MMM 9A£350
1529711 MMO£800
1530M47 MUN£130
1531477 MNA£800
1532MNB 805S£250
1533M57 NCH£130
1534MND 11E£300
1535M117 NER£130
1536M411 NOS£130
1537MNU 11S£300
1538MNW 1W£500
15392 MNX£400
1540MNY 5H£350
1541M85 OAK£130
1542MO55 EYS£250
1543MOF 76T£300
1544MOL 116Y£250
1545MOM 17N£300
1546MON 77A£300
1547MON 4E£350
1548MO03 NEY£250
1549MON 4J£350
1550MON 164K£250
1551MOO 9Y£350
1552MOR 73K£300
1553M411 OUE£130
1554MPA 805S£250
1555MPB 1T£500
1556M891 PES£130
1557MPG 1M£500
1558MPH 412M£250
155916 MPN£1,200
1560MPR 813M£250
1561500 MPY£250
1562MRA 61M£300
1563MRA 570N£250
1564MRA 41R£300
1565MR57 ARK£250
1566M32 RCE£130
1567MRC 111N£250
1568M79 REE£130
1569M42 REN£250
1570MRF 4R£350
157112 MRH£1,200
1572MRJ 1H£500
1573MRL 4L£350
1574MRM 32A£300
157541 MRN£1,200
1576MRS 50K£300
1577MRS 11M£300
1578MRT 3J£350
1579MRU 635H£250
1580M34 RUN£130
1581MRZ 33£170
1582MSK 1A£500
1583MSM 1B£500
1584MSM 1L£500
158583 MSN£1,200
1586MSN 831X£250
1587M45 SOL£130
1588MSO 114L£250
158916 MSP£1,200
1590MSS 16£1,200
159165 MST£1,200
15925 MSX£400
1593M477 SXN£130
1594MUB 41D£300
1595MUE 3N£350
1596MUH 11D£300
1597MUI 250£100
1598MUL 10M£300
1599MUM 742S£250
1600MUN 331B£250
1601MUN 338N£250
1602MU67 NRO£250
1603MUN 388Y£250
1604M78 URN£130
1605M345 URS£130
1606MUR 47S£300
1607MUS 16C£300
1608MWA 51L£300
1609M84 WMD£130
1610M573 WRD£130
1611MXZ 70£170
1612MXZ 786£100
1613MY18 MGF£250
1614M166 YRO£130
1615MY18 TOY£250
16161 MYY£2,400
1617950 N£2,500
1618NAB 31L£300
1619NAD 89J£300
16209 NAK£1,200
1621NAN 76Y£300
1622NAO 33B£300
1623NAR 154A£250
1624NAT 4S£350
1625NAV 38A£300
1626NAV 233T£250
1627NAW 48B£300
1628NAW 777Y£250
1629233 NAX£250
1630NAZ 999£100
1631NBG 911£1,200
1632N54 BMW£250
16334 NBS£1,200
1634N64 CAM£130
1635151 NCH£800
1636NCM 33K£300
16375 NCS£1,200
1638N1 DAM£250
1639N151 DHA£130
1640NDS 222£1,200
1641NEO 52£1,200
1642NER 4V£350
1643NET 7E£350
1644NEX 114N£250
1645NEZ 6666£70
1646NFE 15T£300
1647N256 FFT£130
1648NGZ 555£100
1649N46 HAN£250
1650N473 HEF£130
1651NHZ 40£170
1652900 NJ£2,200
1653NJM 450N£250
1654N78 JON£250
16557 NJR£1,200
1656NJZ 700£100
1657N171 KHL£130
1658NK51 NGH£250
1659N533 LAN£130
166023 NLB£1,200
166114 NLS£1,200
16621 NLV£2,400
166340 NLW£1,200
1664N78 MCR£130
1665N71 MHA£130
1666N421 MMM£130
1667NMO 2T£350
1668N411 MXN£130
1669N41 NBY£130
1670NNZ 4444£70
1671NOF 1L£500
1672N112 OLE£130
1673NO11 ONE£250
1674NOR 78H£300
1675NOT 8N£350
1676N56 OTT£130
1677NOV 4P£350
1678444 NR£2,200
1679N34 RAY£250
1680N98 RJD£130
1681N451 RNK£130
1682NRZ 12£170
1683N45 SEM£250
1684NSK 177Y£250
16852 NSO£1,200
1686NSX 8£400
168783 NSY£1,200
1688NTK 10W£300
1689NU68 ALA£250
16901 NUH£2,400
1691NUI 180£100
1692N150 ULY£130
1693NUM 1H£500
1694NUR 805S£250
1695NU02 RSE£250
1696N42 UTO£130
169775 NV£2,200
169854 NVL£1,200
1699394 NWG£800
1700NXO 1K£500
1701NXZ 888£100
170299 NY£2,200
1703NYA 4X£350
170420 NYR£300
170595 O£2,500
170627 OA£2,200
1707OAK 18Y£300
170887 OAR£1,200
1709OB21 ENS£400
17109 OBR£1,200
1711OC71 EAN£250
17123 OCG£1,200
171381 OCK£1,200
171455 OD£2,200
171522 ODE£1,200
17162 OEL£1,200
1717OEX 2£400
1718OEZ 14£170
171990 OF£2,200
1720OFZ 666£100
1721OGZ 99£170
17222001 OH£1,500
1723OIG 88£170
1724OIW 94£170
1725OJI 9902£70
1726OJS 10W£300
1727OJZ 123£100
17289 OKC£1,200
1729OKZ 7000£70
1730OLD 81D£300
1731OLL 11D£300
1732OLZ 71£170
1733OMA 805S£250
1734308 OMB£800
173522 OMG£1,200
1736OMG 12J£300
1737OMR 4J£350
1738OMS 111V£250
173944 ON£2,200
17406 ONF£1,200
17417777 OO£2,000
17424 OOH£1,200
1743300 OOO£1,200
1744OO71 OOO£400
17454 OOX£400
1746OP71 MUM£400
1747ORZ 900£100
17481 OSR£2,400
1749541 OTA£800
1750OTH 114N£250
1751OTT 18Y£300
175282 OU£2,200
1753817 OUS£800
1754OWA 115A£250
1755111 OXC£250
1756OXZ 30£170
1757750 PA£2,200
1758PA12 DDY£250
1759PAF 1S£500
1760PAH 11L£300
1761PAJ 11S£300
176271 PAN£1,200
1763PAN 2A£350
1764PAR 121B£250
1765PAS 700R£250
1766PAS 80Y£300
1767PAT 42N£300
1768PAV 45H£300
1769550 PB£2,200
1770PCA 551N£250
1771110 PDD£800
17727 PDF£1,200
1773PDF 1A£500
177412 PDS£1,200
1775PE69 ACH£250
1776PE03 NNY£250
1777PEN 453R£250
1778PER 17A£300
1779PFZ 999£100
1780488 PGA£800
1781PGM 75£1,200
1782PGZ 400£100
1783PHA 777Y£250
17843 PHE£1,200
1785PHO 336E£250
1786PH19 PPS£250
1787PHZ 13£170
1788PIB 95£170
178972 PJB£1,200
1790PJB 2B£350
1791PJL 1L£500
1792PJT 762D£250
1793PJT 1H£500
1794PJW 1B£500
1795P455 KEL£130
1796PKP 5D£350
179713 PKS£1,200
1798PKZ 53£170
1799P32 LAP£130
1800PLA 227Y£250
1801PLT 21S£300
1802440 PM£2,200
1803P74 MAC£130
1804P306 MCK£130
1805P911 MPG£130
1806570 PN£2,200
1807P801 NAM£130
1808P71 NEY£130
1809365 PNF£800
1810POD 2E£350
1811POD 2X£350
1812POL 50L£300
1813PON 15E£300
1814POR 2J£350
1815POU 4A£350
1816P372 OVA£130
1817PP10 PPY£250
181822 PPX£300
1819P133 RCY£130
1820PR71 NCE£250
1821PRO 6S£350
1822P34 RTX£130
1823PR20 VEN£250
1824PSJ 87£1,200
18259 PSK£1,200
1826P373 SKP£130
1827PS54 MMY£250
1828P34 TEY£250
1829PTW 300L£250
1830P457 URE£250
1831PUR 153J£250
183226 PV£2,200
1833P54 VLE£130
183410 PXM£300
1835PXZ 5£500
1836PYE 805S£250
1837RAF 12T£300
183811 RAH£1,200
1839RAH 3E£350
1840RAH 17T£300
184178 RAJ£1,200
1842RAJ 53C£300
1843RAJ 13V£300
1844R32 ALR£130
184521 RAM£1,200
1846RAM 87A£300
1847RAM 36P£300
1848RAN 11C£300
1849RAN 135K£250
1850960 RAT£800
185194 RAV£1,200
1852458 RAW£800
1853R54 AWD£130
1854101 RAY£1,200
1855RAY 4A£350
1856RAY 118N£250
18571997 RB£1,500
1858R490 BBS£130
1859R53 BJH£130
1860R411 BOW£130
1861R120 BYN£130
1862RBZ 6000£70
1863456 RC£2,200
1864R32 CFD£130
1865R570 CKY£130
1866100 RCR£1,200
1867RCS 2K£350
18682 RCY£400
1869150 RD£2,200
1870R411 DER£130
1871RDS 328£800
1872REA 115T£250
1873REB 1E£500
1874R36 ECE£250
1875RED 14N£300
1876RED 805S£250
1877R449 EEB£130
1878RE12 GAN£250
1879REG 881E£250
1880996 REN£800
1881R477 ERS£130
1882REU 86B£300
1883R805 EXY£130
1884REY 4B£350
1885103 RG£2,200
1886R53 GCX£130
1887R130 GEN£130
188811 RGN£1,200
18894 RGR£1,200
1890R53 GSW£130
1891R832 GTT£130
1892RH11 ODA£250
1893RHU 1A£500
1894RIG 500£100
1895RJA 7T£350
1896R32 JAY£250
189764 RJD£1,200
189888 RJG£1,200
1899RJL 805S£250
1900RJS 805S£250
1901198 RK£2,200
1902RKE 181E£250
19039 RKG£1,200
1904R725 KGS£130
1905R41 KHD£130
1906R32 LAW£130
1907RLB 1P£500
1908RLB 4S£350
19097 RLD£1,200
1910R32 LEW£130
1911R133 LLA£130
1912R32 LSP£130
1913201 RM£2,200
1914R79 MAT£130
1915RMC 911C£250
1916RML 3D£350
1917R53 MOL£130
1918RMP 11X£300
1919R94 MUR£130
1920RMW 1J£500
1921RNS 2J£350
1922RNZ 222£100
192375 RO£2,200
1924ROB 2J£350
1925ROB 23N£300
1926ROC 2J£350
192724 ROF£1,200
1928RO66 GER£250
1929ROG 89N£300
1930ROH 117D£250
1931ROH 17H£300
1932ROM 44J£300
1933ROM 2N£350
1934RON 45S£300
1935R56 ORT£130
1936R808 ORY£130
1937ROS 2E£350
1938ROS 57Y£300
1939R411 OUF£130
194071 ROV£1,200
1941ROW 311J£250
1942ROW 42N£300
1943617 ROY£1,200
1944102 RP£2,200
1945RPC 88J£300
1946RPD 3T£350
1947R560 RAW£130
1948R85 RBS£130
1949R83 RCT£130
1950R32 RDO£130
1951R32 ROS£130
1952RRZ 9£500
1953RSA 5H£350
195416 RSB£1,200
1955R41 SBB£130
1956RS14 DAM£130
1957R531 SEC£130
195811 RSK£1,200
1959R34 SKL£130
196067 RSM£1,200
1961R175 SON£130
196213 RSP£1,200
1963R53 SPT£130
1964333 RST£1,200
1965R56 STE£130
1966RST 2J£350
1967RSW 88£1,200
1968RUB 10Y£300
196982 RUF£1,200
1970RUI 18£170
1971RUM 495A£250
1972RUM 4C£350
1973RU55 ONS£250
1974RUP 17L£300
1975RUS 50X£300
1976RU55 TEM£250
1977RUT 58H£300
197898 RV£2,200
1979RVD 8B£350
1980R233 VSY£130
1981RYA 2B£350
1982R124 YAL£130
1983RYA 94N£300
1984RYB 200K£250
1985R130 YER£130
19862010 S£2,500
1987SAB 55S£300
1988S74 ACE£250
1989SAD 10A£300
1990SAE 7D£350
1991SAF 14W£300
1992786 SAH£800
1993SAH 188A£250
1994S47 AHB£130
1995SAH 12C£300
1996SAH 3E£350
1997100 SAJ£1,200
1998SAJ 30A£300
1999SAJ 10T£300
2000SAL 117A£250
2001SA20 LTY£250
2002224 SAM£1,200
2003SAM 96R£300
2004SAM 80W£300
2005SAN 755H£250
2006SAN 60K£300
2007SAR 6A£350
2008S93 ARK£130
2009S62 ASE£130
2010S153 ATH£130
2011SAT 134S£250
201212 SAV£1,200
2013SAV 341L£250
2014SAZ 478£100
2015345 SB£2,200
2016SBH 1A£500
2017S92 BLR£130
2018707 SBU£800
2019S311 BUY£250
2020SCA 117E£250
2021S74 CKO£130
2022S73 CLE£130
202370 SCM£1,200
2024SCM 1R£500
2025SCO 31E£300
202688 SCT£1,200
2027S79 CVX£130
2028S82 DJP£130
2029S32 DJT£130
203015 SDM£1,200
203199 SDS£1,200
2032S473 DUR£130
2033S933 DYM£130
2034SEA 11A£300
203521 SEB£1,200
2036S411 EDA£130
2037S87 EEE£130
2038SEG 8L£350
2039SEM 9S£350
2040S43 ENY£130
204198 SEP£1,200
2042S41 ESY£130
2043SEV 4N£350
2044SEY 9£400
2045S41 FAM£130
20462 SFF£1,200
20473 SFH£1,200
204863 SGC£1,200
204911 SGD£1,200
2050S43 GER£250
2051S54 GLL£130
2052SGM 14L£300
2053S52 GOR£130
205466 SGP£1,200
2055S73 GRA£130
2056S96 GRG£130
205733 SGX£300
2058SGZ 4321£70
2059103 SH£2,200
20601968 SH£1,500
2061SHA 71F£300
2062SHA 7K£350
2063SHA 8V£350
2064SHA 771X£250
2065SHA 13Y£300
2066SHB 805S£250
2067SHE 117L£250
2068SHE 240R£250
20693 SHF£1,200
2070S199 HKD£130
2071SHN 1A£500
20728 SHO£1,200
2073SHO 418F£250
2074S71 HOW£130
2075S87 HPR£130
2076SHR 11A£300
20771 SHT£2,400
2078SHU 77A£300
2079SHZ 321£100
2080SIB 92£170
2081SIG 99£170
2082S32 JLC£130
2083456 SJR£800
208473 SJY£300
20851983 SK£1,500
208688 SKB£1,200
2087SKB 26A£300
2088S721 KEY£130
2089SK51 MON£250
209012 SKY£1,200
2091S43 KYM£250
2092SKY 22M£300
2093SKZ 9999£70
20941982 SL£1,500
2095SLB 20M£300
2096S84 LEM£130
2097SLE 450N£250
2098666 SLF£1,200
2099S71 LLY£130
2100SLM 7N£350
2101S504 LVH£130
2102420 SM£2,200
2103SMC 3G£350
2104SMC 2P£350
2105SMF 1R£500
2106SMJ 5P£350
2107SMM 17H£300
2108S770 MMT£130
2109S212 NAT£130
2110SNA 127T£250
2111S311 NAX£130
2112S96 NCE£130
2113S101 NCS£130
2114S407 NDY£130
2115S74 NED£130
2116S97 NKY£130
2117S570 NOR£130
2118SN08 OWY£250
2119SN54 SHA£250
2120S74 NWF£130
2121S41 OAX£130
2122SOB 14C£300
212388 SOC£1,200
2124SO55 EXY£250
2125S429 ONG£130
2126SON 157J£250
2127SON 152P£250
2128SOP 771A£250
2129SOP 21E£300
2130SPE 1K£500
2131911 SPM£1,200
2132SPR 473D£250
2133120 SR£2,200
2134S412 RAH£250
2135S113 RAJ£130
2136SRA 1S£500
2137S157 RBN£130
2138S770 RER£130
2139S760 RGE£130
2140S94 RKO£130
2141229 SRM£800
2142S110 RNA£130
2143SRN 733V£250
2144786 SRS£800
2145SRS 2C£350
2146S74 RTY£130
21471969 SS£1,500
2148SSA 5A£350
2149S96 SAB£130
2150S89 SAU£130
215188 SSC£1,200
2152700 SSD£1,200
2153SSD 241N£250
2154911 SSG£1,200
2155S69 SJR£130
215623 SSM£1,200
2157SS21 MON£250
2158SSM 3R£350
2159S92 SOF£130
21604 SST£1,200
2161STA 46G£300
2162STA 171P£250
2163STA 713Y£250
2164STE 111E£250
2165STE 750N£250
2166STE 115X£250
2167STG 289C£250
2168S96 THN£130
2169STO 246E£250
2170STR 444T£250
2171STR 14W£300
2172STR 377Y£250
2173STU 458S£250
2174S450 TVR£130
2175STY 16R£300
217613 SUB£1,200
2177SUB 8Y£350
2178911 SUD£1,200
2179SUE 67S£300
2180SUG 51Y£300
2181SUI 71£170
218210 SUL£1,200
2183SUL 148M£250
2184S114 UNR£130
2185SUS 141L£250
2186S76 VEY£130
2187S411 VNP£130
2188S571 VVY£130
2189SWA 2D£350
2190S89 WAK£130
2191SWE 116R£250
219272 SWG£1,200
219360 SX£2,200
2194519 SXD£250
2195SXI 58£170
219688 SY£2,200
2197SYB 311A£250
2198S541 YED£250
2199S41 YEM£130
2200SYJ 3£400
2201S49 YJJ£130
22027 SYK£400
2203TAH 4A£350
2204TAM 11B£300
2205TAM 451G£250
2206TAM 14H£300
2207TAN 18A£300
2208TA09 NDY£250
2209TA11 NGS£250
2210T61 ANS£130
221169 TAY£1,200
2212TAY 51L£300
2213321 TB£2,200
2214T133 BOY£130
2215146 TBW£800
2216T89 COL£130
2217TCZ 32£170
2218T68 DAV£130
2219T61 DGC£130
2220TDM 1X£500
2221111 TDY£250
2222TEJ 3L£350
2223TEL 5Y£350
2224TER 4E£350
2225T116 ERS£130
2226T110 ETA£130
2227T413 ETT£130
2228TEZ 49£170
2229TFM 55E£300
2230TGC 7P£350
22315 TGE£1,200
2232TGH 7G£350
2233T505 GMA£130
2234TGS 805S£250
2235TGZ 8£500
2236856 TH£2,200
2237THE 14A£300
2238T410 HGH£130
22395 THJ£1,200
2240THO 1E£500
2241THR 570N£250
2242THR 4V£350
2243THZ 800£100
2244TIB 78£170
2245TIG 300£100
2246TIL 4000£70
2247TIW 7777£70
2248T43 JAM£130
2249T86 JSA£130
2250T81 LBY£130
2251T247 LEA£130
2252TLZ 61£170
2253164 TM£2,200
2254T140 MAS£250
2255TMB 4A£350
2256TMC 911P£250
2257TME 19H£300
2258689 TMS£800
2259T61 MUR£130
2260T112 NEY£130
22616 TNJ£1,200
226212 TOK£1,200
22633 TOL£1,200
2264TOM 94D£300
2265TO13 MMY£250
2266TOM 70T£300
2267T338 OON£130
2268T6 OOO£250
2269TOP 54W£300
2270TOT 60W£300
2271173 TOY£1,200
2272155 TR£2,200
2273TRE 7H£350
2274TRE 5T£350
2275T97 RXB£130
22768 TSB£1,200
22778 TSH£1,200
2278T71 SHY£130
2279T93 SLA£250
2280T34 SOM£130
2281TST 34D£300
22822 TTH£1,200
2283TUK 540P£250
2284T460 ULD£130
2285TUM 4X£350
2286T45 URE£130
2287T122 UST£130
2288TUY 3N£350
2289TWW 1N£500
2290TXI 81£170
2291T41 YAB£130
22923 TYE£400
2293TYE 511A£250
2294TY55 ERS£250
229590 TYO£300
22963 TYP£400
2297TYR 453C£250
2298UBA 10W£300
2299UBE 1R£500
2300UBH 123S£250
2301UEZ 15£170
2302UFZ 11£170
2303UGZ 777£100
230412 UH£2,200
2305UHZ 1£2,000
2306UIB 321£100
2307UIL 38£170
2308300 UK£2,200
2309UKH 206P£250
2310ULZ 89£170
2311UMA 4D£350
2312UMA 17H£300
2313UMA 124K£250
23148 UNG£1,200
23156 UNR£1,200
23168 URG£1,200
2317UR51 JON£250
23183 URP£1,200
2319URV 2N£350
2320USA 66C£300
23215 USM£1,200
2322USY 5£400
232394 UT£2,200
2324UUC 4R£350
232520 UW£2,200
23261 UWG£2,400
2327UXG 50£300
2328400 UXM£250
2329VAM 912E£250
2330VAN 1B£500
2331VAR 77N£300
2332160 VCB£800
2333VDZ 85£170
2334VEN 321A£250
2335VEN 1E£500
2336VE02 SPA£250
2337VET 2C£350
2338VFZ 2£500
2339VHZ 800£100
2340VIG 9999£70
2341VIW 1234£70
234270 VK£2,200
23433 VKY£400
2344VKZ 26£170
2345V406 LEN£130
2346V311 LET£130
23472 VLV£1,200
2348VLZ 48£170
2349V664 MOT£130
2350V604 NDY£130
2351V164 NLE£130
2352VNZ 4321£70
2353VOL 7A£350
2354VON 6K£350
2355VOO 6D£350
2356VOV 70R£300
2357111 VPR£1,200
23581 VRH£2,400
2359V611 RMA£130
2360V32 RNE£250
2361V37 RVN£130
2362V610 TUS£130
23631 VUE£2,400
2364VUI 90£170
2365V119 VEK£130
2366V63 VRA£130
2367WAG 6A£350
2368WAH 33B£300
2369WAK 14Y£300
2370WAL 171K£250
2371W190 AMS£130
2372W371 AND£250
2373WAR 2A£350
2374WAR 77G£300
2375WA55 SEM£250
2376WAX 13R£300
2377WA67 YNE£250
2378WAZ 450£100
23796 WCA£1,200
2380W62 CAT£130
2381WCC 2Y£350
2382W209 CLK£250
2383WCZ 75£170
2384WDS 972Y£250
2385W441 DUL£130
2386WEE 9S£350
2387580 WES£1,200
2388WES 771E£250
2389WEZ 42£170
23905 WFT£1,200
2391WFZ 222£100
2392W131 GUT£130
2393WIL 185£100
2394WIW 52£170
2395WJI 943£100
2396WJI 5000£70
2397294 WJM£800
2398WJZ 55£170
2399W303 KJH£130
2400W334 LDO£130
2401W47 LEY£250
240211 WLH£1,200
2403WLK 10D£300
2404WLK 10L£300
240581 WM£2,200
2406W421 NGL£130
2407WNZ 700£100
2408WON 9A£350
2409W110 OPS£130
2410W128 ORA£130
2411WOR 75L£300
2412WR18 HTS£250
2413WRW 165L£250
2414WSE 4£1,200
2415113 WSN£800
2416WST 33G£300
2417W417 TER£250
2418W35 TYY£130
24199 WUM£1,200
2420999 WXE£250
24211 WXJ£2,400
2422W906 XSW£130
2423WY07 ATT£250
2424X659 AAC£130
2425X442 AAN£130
2426XAL 3X£350
2427XAN 4M£350
2428XAR 5H£350
2429XAS 1A£500
2430X86 ASM£130
2431X98 ATH£130
2432XAZ 321£100
2433X61 BON£130
2434XCR 411G£250
2435X41 DAM£130
2436X51 DDX£130
2437XDR 33S£300
24384 XDX£400
2439X421 EEM£130
2440XHA 61B£300
2441XHA 21K£300
2442XHZ 400£100
2443XIL 350£100
24442 XJL£400
2445X97 JRM£130
2446XJZ 8888£70
2447XKA 1F£500
2448X91 LOU£130
2449X78 MHX£130
2450X141 NCB£130
2451X41 NDR£130
2452XNZ 6£500
2453XOO 32G£300
24543 XOP£400
2455XRM 4N£350
2456X83 RRY£250
2457XSF 74N£300
2458XST 220X£250
2459X885 TTU£130
2460XUI 66£170
2461XUS 5Y£350
2462XUW 41S£300
2463XX53 DAT£250
2464XXJ 4J£350
246528 XXX£1,200
24668188 Y£2,500
2467Y91 AJG£130
246888 YAT£300
2469Y35 AYE£130
2470YAZ 259£100
247113 YB£2,200
2472Y45 BJT£130
2473YBZ 65£170
247413 YD£2,200
2475Y97 DMP£130
2476YE55 BRO£250
2477YEL 100W£250
2478YES 69£1,200
2479Y35 ESA£130
24804 YFJ£400
2481YFZ 888£100
2482Y109 GOS£130
2483YHB 5£400
2484YHZ 100£100
2485YIJ 64£170
2486Y72 JAN£250
2487Y224 JMB£130
2488YKZ 23£170
2489Y47 LAR£130
2490YLZ 80£170
2491Y67 MPJ£130
2492Y91 MRK£130
2493Y65 NOT£130
2494YNZ 333£100
2495Y34 RLY£250
24961 YTK£2,400
2497YUI 3£500
2498YU09 NUS£250
2499YUV 244J£250
2500YUV 1R£500


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