In an unexpected turn of events, the DVLA have removed all number plates containing the characters “KKK” from their website.

As of approx 3pm on the 28th January, over 20,000 remaining Prefix and Current numberplates containing the letters KKK were pulled from sale.

A search now for these characters yields no results.

We believe this will also apply to any future DVLA auction too.

Why have KKK plates been removed?

It is not yet known the official reason for removing the KKK number plates, the DVLA have yet to make a public statement as of writing.

But the negative connotations of this three letter abbreviation are certainly no secret, and in today’s climate it should come as no surprise that such an action was taken eventually.

Can KKK number plates be bought elsewhere?

Existing KKK number plates are still available in the open market on any public sale platforms from private sellers and dealers. But we can assume from this point forward that no more new KKK plates will be officially released to the open market.

Does this mean existing KKK number plates may become more valuable?

Who knows – some may capitalise on the new found scarcity and rarity of KKK registration plates and boost prices accordingly, but the negative connotation of this phrase still looms overhead.

The DVLA could potentially ban all existing KKK number plates from being used (they retain the right to do so with any number plate) but this would be an absolute logistical nightmare so I would rest assured that existing KKK plates will not be banned.

We would hope that no private plate containing the KKK phrase was ever purchased with the intention of causing offence. The overwhelming majority of plates would have been innocent words or phrases simply using the abbreviation as an available extension.

So ultimately this will restrict market choice further for the average consumer. A shame indeed, but perhaps it is the right thing to do.

Jay is the content manager here at Plates VIP. He has been buying and selling number plates since 2008, so is well versed in the market and an expert on number plate rules and regulations.

A successful number plate sale recently paid for half of his wedding!

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