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CTV 414K Number Plate

CTV 414K is a Suffix style number plate. It has 4 letters and 3 numbers for a total of 7 characters.

CTV 414K available on DVLA V778 Retention Certificate

This plate is an historic style
number which can be used to hide the age of your vehicle.

It can be transferred onto a vehicle
or a motorbike

The price is inclusive of VAT.  

Please note the £80 DVLA fee is still
outstanding on this plate and is payable to within 7 days of
your purchase.

As the number is held on a DVLA
Retention Certificate, it can be transferred online via the DVLA website. This
can be done by you providing us with your V5C copy log book via an email/photo
message or WhatsApp. Once we have this, we can do this for you via the DVLA

Alternatively, we can post you the
DVLA Retention Certificate free of charge for you to transfer at a later date.

We can also provide you with Acrylic
Plates for your purchase which we charge £30 a pair for. These can be ordered
over the phone on 0121 777 6555.

For your Peace of mind, We are a
company call Net Plates Ltd and we are accredited members of the RMI Cherished Numbers
Dealers Association, the Cherished Numbers Guild and MIRAD. These are all trade
bodies in the number plate industry who set and monitor high standards in the
industry and only accept membership from verified retailers. 


Plate Details

  • VRM On Retention – Yes
  • Type – Number Plate
  • Features – Private Number Plate
  • VRM Most Significant Letter – C
  • Applicable Date – XXX XXXK (Aug 71 – Jul 72)
  • Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) Type – Suffix Style (XXX XXXA)
  • Suitable For – Car
  • Suitable For – Motorcycle
  • VRM Currently Held on a Vehicle – No
  • Is VRM ‘on retention’? – Yes
  • Is VRM currently held on a vehicle? – No
  • Featured Refinements – Private Number Plate
  • VRM (Registration Number) – CTV 414K

Plate Spacing Variations

C TV414K
CT V414K
CTV 414K
CTV4 14K
CTV41 4K
CTV414 K

Note: It may not be legal to display this number plate on your vehicle with the variations shown here. For illustration purposes only.

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CTV 414K Plate FAQs

What number plate style is CTV 414K?

CTV 414K is a Suffix style number plate.

Suffix number plates were fitted to new vehicles from 1963 to 1983 and consist of three letters, followed by one to three numbers and ending in one letter.

How much is CTV 414K worth?

CTV 414K is listed for sale with a price of £64.

The seller has decided that CTV 414K is worth £64 for immediate purchase, however they may be open to offers around this price.

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